Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm in love with another man

...and I know it ain't right.

I can't explain why its him and not you. But at the end of the day .. baby I just don't want to.

Kayla ♥ 's Fabolous

Finna freestyle right quick,

you taught me how to spell fabulous wrong, but I digress.
Fell off you for a minute but im back like a reflex.
I dreamed about you all last night .. not just sex.


funny faces for the insecure ?

Family photos really bites. Smiling in photos might bite worse. I had been craving to make a funny face the whole time. "Why do you always wanna make a funny face?" my older sister asked me. I shrugged my shoulder then, but now I realize why. When making a funny face I can easily blame the 'horribleness' on the face I made .. regular faces, well? Thats you! You can't change that. Its complicated. & I think to much.. but it is what it is. This faze shall past .. maybe =/

So .. this is the fam. Flaws & all.
Left to Right. Raquel ( foster sister ) Iesha (sister) , Samiha (Foster sister) , Tykisha (sister), Kayla (Me)
Zaire (nephew), Christian (Brother) , Jahkim (foster brother)

Its a lot of us. And we're missing my other nephew. As you can see I have two fosters sister. But their more like sisters now. They no longer live with us, aka their grown ! BUT we'll always be a family. It was a fun photoshoot. Very long. But definitely needed.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Many of you should know about my OBSESSION with Electrik Red.
Its pretty bad. No, im not raising to LA to stalk them .. hide behind trashcans,
none of that. Its honestly a normal obsession. BUT this post has nothing to do with that.
Just felt like sharing the new new goodness. My approval & applause goes out to the girls.


Friday, January 1, 2010


I dont have much to say . . .
well, I never have much to say BUT I felt like I should tell the world...
IM A MAC GIRL! Yes, finally got the MacBook I was dyingg for.
Its pretty fucking awesome if I dont say so myself.
btw - never really got that phrase, but lets keep it moving.
Its cute. I love it.

Maybe its means I'll blog more since i can take it wherever.
Might even blog when im taking a shit. Who ever really knows?

WELL.. now its time to say goodbye.
HAPPY 2010 everyone =) Let's all aim to be great this year mmkay? GOOD!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dear confidence,

You think you could pay me a visit sometime soon?

Signed, Me !

Ive been feeling like shit the past couple of days.. actually weeks. The other day I blamed it on me being sick. Cause eeerrrbody know when your sick you either look or feel like shit. Me? Both! Go figure. But its way deeper than some stupid cold that'll leave me in a week and i'll still be left feeling like shit. =/ And since I cant stick my finger down my throat or starve myself to avoid the way I feel, I just sleep. Sleeping is easy. Your mind is somewhere else. Im not thinking about what I look like when im sleep. No noo, im thinking about nothing. peaceful. SLEEP! Long story short, I have major self esteem issues that need to get fixed ASAP! Tell anyone and i'll kill you. :) .. no really, GRR! lol

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dear blogspot,

F U C K Y O U !
.. your boring me.

no really.
I dont have a life.
My life = work . school. & sleep.
Your being negleted and I know I aint shit.

So until next time .. bye ! :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Getting jiggy wit' it.. really?

So I felt like posting my Top 25 Most Played playlist -- and?
I just didnt know I played these songs the most. But itunes never lie.

1) Black Roses - Trey Songz
2) Forever Young - Jay-Z ft. Mr. Hudson
3) Bed Rest - Electrik Red
4) You're Fly - Ryan Leslie
5) Ice Cream Paint Job - Dorrough
6) Scratchin Me Up - Trey Songz
7) Go Shawty - Electrik Red
8) Yo Side of the Bed - Trey Songz
9) Neighbors Know my Name - Trey Songz
10) On to the Next One - Jay-Z
11) Life without Love - Jazmine Sullivan
12) Kill Bill - Electrik Red
13) On Point - Electrik Red
14) Venus vs. Mars - Jay-Z
15) Muah - Electrik Red
16) Gibberish - Ryan Leslie
17) Jupiter Love - Trey Songz
18) Cosmic Journey - Solange Knowles
19) Dance Dance Dance - Lykke Li
20) Make em' Say - Meek Mills
21) I took the night - Chelly
22) Somebody Come Get Me - Melanie Fiona
23) All I Need - Sterling Simms
24) Smash into You - Beyonce
25) Take you Home - Drake

NOTE : these are not my favorite songs. & this playlist is .. odd & wack.
AND YES, I do only listen to Jay-Z, Electrik Red, & Trey Songz. Thanks.